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Keep Calm and Carry On

As of November 20th, the U.S. stock market is flat year-to-date, having given up all gains for the year.  The story for foreign stock markets is worse, down double-digits for the year. After one of the calmest years on record in 2017, this year has seen volatility return with a vengeance with two market declines greater than 10% from a previous market high.

Where is the safest place to pull money in a down market?

Jim Ryun was going for the gold in the metric mile at the 1972 Munich Olympics. In his semifinal race, he got tripped up and fell with about two laps to go. He got up and ran valiantly, but he could not catch the leaders and didn’t make the final. He just didn’t have enough time to make up the difference and ultimately didn’t get a shot at the gold.

Rule of 72 Favors the Prepared Mind

Are you familiar with the Rule of 72? It’s a shorthand way of calculating how long it will take for your money to double. Take an interest rate—say, 7 percent. Divide 7 into 72, and that’s a little over 10. That means it will take a little over 10 years for your money to double at a 7 percent rate of interest.

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