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Transforming Your Business

Early in my career, I knew three gentlemen who had a reasonably successful 80-year-old business. But they weren’t content with its growth, so they started to diversify into real estate and didn’t pay attention to their core business. Nine months later, they had to slash their prices to a fraction of what they once were, and ended up selling their business for just 10 cents on the dollar. It’s a really sad story, but it shows how quickly creative destruction can take place in your business if you’re not careful.

5 Top Retirement Regrets

I had a client who was a pilot that was forced to retire at age 60. At his retirement party, he had to go out to get some provisions at the store. He drove to the store, parked, turned the keys to shut the car off, and had a heart attack and died. It was shocking for everyone, and obviously a very severe reaction to retirement. However, we almost saw it coming based on the difficult time he had being forced in to retirement.

6 Needs That Won’t Change

What won’t change in life? Politics, religion, baseball? There are a few things that will remain constant in life, and we can add deep human needs to that list. According to Tony Robbins in a conference I went to recently, he’s identified 6 of these deep human needs that won’t change.

Vision-Based Goals

Remember the early 1960s, when President Kennedy said we were going to send a man to the moon before the end of the decade and return him safely back to earth? The entire country rallied around that goal and by the end of the 1960s, Kennedy’s dream became a reality. It was a tremendous visionary pull-based goal.

Reinvent, Re-inspire, Don’t Retire

In 1889, Otto von Bismarck, the Chancellor of Germany, came up with the idea of retirement at age 70 as a political move. A few years later, the retirement age moved to 65. The word retirement had never been used before in a government sense, it was brand new. Prior to that, people kept living on farms and doing their jobs until they died. They just lived their lives.

To Buy or Lease a New Car

As many of you know, I like to keep things simple. For instance, I learned a long time ago that 95 percent of fear is caused by one of two states of mind: Either I’m afraid I’m not going to get what I want, or I’m afraid I’m going to lose what I already have.

Mixing Up Your Reality

Remember The Twilight Zone with Rod Serling and all those strange and sometimes disturbing episodes? Some of those episodes really made your skin crawl. I think sometimes virtual reality with that big headset on and some of the things you see, and augmented reality, which is a mixture of things, can be confusing and strange as well.

Singular Focus, Singular Result

Key Takeaways Like some inventions, financial products that try to do too many things at once often don’t do any of them well. The words

To Be or Not to Be – a Fiduciary?

There’s been a lot of questions out there about the Department of Labor and the fiduciary rule, so I want to address what this means and why it’s important.

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