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Clarity – Tying Your Business Together

Clarity. It makes me think of a perfect golf swing. It feels effortless; the ball flies straight and long and true, exactly where we want it to go. It seems like there was nothing to it whatsoever. Everything happens at once without thinking about it. It seems like you have this pure instinct for the shot.

Clarity – Plain and Simple

I was out with my wife a few weeks ago; looking for a dining room set.  We come in the store and meet this really nice sales rep. She takes us around and shows us the different kinds of wood options – cherry, mahogany, oak; then the different finishes; then the different legs and chairs and two books of fabric options. Well, you get the picture.

Optimism – Creatively Destroying Pessimism

Creative Destruction – a term popularized in the 1940s by Austrian American economist, Joseph Schumpeter, describes how we creatively destroy areas through innovation. This destruction transforms markets as well as our own business practices.

The Optimist Rules

Optimism is an important factor to winning the battle, both in the field and in business. Today I want to go through why optimism is so important.

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