Devan Adams

When I interviewed at Coyle in 2012, I remember having a conversation with my dad on my drive home. He asked how the interview went, and I remember saying, “it feels like I belong there.” That was the moment I knew this was the job for me. When I first began at Coyle, I was the Expeditor for our team, and over the last five years, I have grown into the Complexity Manager Role. I enjoy building upon the relationships I have formed with clients and helping in any way I can to resolve their concerns.

Prior to working at Coyle, I was the account manager for a print and fulfillment company. I handled their largest Financial and Insurance Service Industry client. My responsibilities included multitasking and problem solving related to various operational, information technology, and logistics issues, along with hands-on customer service.

In 2010, I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Health Management Administration & Policy at the University of New Hampshire, then packed up my belongings and moved to Illinois.

On the weekends, you will find me at a local restaurant, movies with friends, or enjoying a quiet night at home. I also visit New Hampshire yearly, and look forward to visiting with my friends and family, going on kayaking trips, or spending the weekend at the beach. I have also picked up the travel bug and enjoy venturing to new destinations.