Gary Klaben

Money is a part of everything we do. It is the lifeblood of our society. Without it, life is difficult. I’ve watched people struggle with money my whole life. Our weekly blog addresses money and all the issues, big and small that come with earning, saving and spending our money. It’s about proactively addressing all aspects of our money by ­­­making smart, educated decisions about our money.

I graduated from West Point in 1979 followed by graduating first in my Ranger School class. The caption under my West Point graduation photo reads, “Remember me not for what I said, but for what you saw.” The six years I spent in the U.S. Army infantry were great years of serving my country and my soldiers.

My path to becoming a business owner may be an unusual one, but I have always been the quintessential entrepreneur. I deliver seminars and talks, and have developed a patented pending process for simplifying visual communication of our client’s complex wealth through mind maps. I am the author of Changing the Conversation, Wealth of Everything and co-author of The Business Battlefield that I wrote with my colleague, Adam Blonsky.

I am genuinely interested in getting to know all about the person in front of me. Who are they? What’s most important to them? Where do they want to go in life? Whether advising my clients, mentoring my team, or coaching entrepreneurs, I’m always simplifying complexity and motivating others to take the next action that’s right for them.

Despite my independent nature, I never argue with good advice. If I’ve ever done anything smart in my life, it’s listen intently to people who know what they’re talking about.

My wife shares my military background, having been an Army officer. Because of the danger involved, neither of us pushed our children toward the military, yet both our daughter and son went on to graduate from West Point.

Outside of work, I enjoy running, reading and orienteering. I have a B.S. in General Engineering, an M.S. in Financial Services (MSFS), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU). For more information, Click Here

Gary and his wife split their time between Glenview, IL and Reistertown, MD.