Katarzyna Kasiarz

Whether in ministry, higher education, non-profit advocacy, entertainment, or government, the focus of my experience has always been service. I genuinely care about helping others actualize their potential and their life’s vision, provide for their families, and give back to society. Financial peace of mind through smart planning provides a foundation and springboard for all those aspirations. Joining Coyle gives me the opportunity to work with a team dedicated to exceptional service in this very area.

My previous work experience includes program coordinator roles at the University of Chicago Center for International Studies and the child product safety advocacy group Kids In Danger. Since 2006, I have held various ministry roles in the Catholic Church—directing religious education, assisting with finance and operations, grant writing, and running social service programming for at-risk youth. I then spent over eleven years at the University of St.  Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary in the Archdiocese of Chicago. As a director of the Institute for Diaconal Studies, I developed and implemented programming for candidates aspiring to be ordained as deacons. 

As an avocation, I spent over twenty years working in theatre and arena settings. My most recent experience in the government was motivated and shaped by the same desire to serve individuals and society—this time, by upholding the Constitution and the freedoms and opportunities this country affords. Throughout these roles, unprecedented situations requiring thoughtful, creative, and personal responses arose with regularity. 

I completed my studies at the University of Chicago, receiving B.A. degrees in International Studies and Environmental Studies and M.A. degrees in a joint program of the Divinity School and the Harris School of Public Policy Studies. I also completed an M.A. at Catholic Theological Union. Throughout my studies I spent significant time abroad.

At my core, I value time and connection with the loved ones in my life. Always on a mission of adventure and discovery, I travel the world, enjoy the outdoors, read, write, learn new skills, and stay involved in the arts and fitness.