Lisa Falconer

I’m an organizer and a person who tends to the details and I love when I can find ways to make others’ lives easier. I’m also happiest working behind the scenes, making sure things run like clockwork. Becoming part of the team at Coyle is a joy to me because I not only get to do work I love, but I’m working with a group of people who understand and appreciate the different strengths, outlooks, and experiences that team members bring to the table.

I have a BA in Psychology from the University of Rochester and an MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Ohio University. I worked in Human Resources for 12 years before staying home to raise our two boys and then re-entered the workforce in project management and editing.

My husband Andrew and I love taking our kids to new places and have traveled extensively, both within and outside the U.S. The adventure of experiencing new places, meeting new people, and seeing how others live outside of our community never gets old. I’m an avid reader, love running and cooking, and thoroughly enjoy trying out new restaurants. My latest project is my attempt at relearning the Korean language, which I was once fluent in, albeit when I was four! I look for ways to volunteer my time in the community, whether it’s with our town’s farmers’ market, the food pantry, my kids’ schools, or with a local animal shelter, all the while trying to impress upon our kids the importance of giving back.