Rachelle Rodman

I have always been an empathetic person who aspires to help others. Knowing that I can make life a little easier or less stressful for someone, especially during an emotional time, is part of what motivates me each day.

Through obtaining a BA in Economics and a BA in Psychology from Wheaton College (Norton, MA), I became intrigued and attentive to the emotionality surrounding finances. One of the many reasons I joined Coyle Financial Counsel was due to Coyle’s recognition of the role of emotion in creating The Good Life Managed Well™ program. Previously, I worked as an associate with a financial services company where I worked closely with clients.

On a nice day, you can find me outside spending time with friends and family. I enjoy working out and staying active any way I can. Being a learner at heart, I’m always looking for new books so I can spend a morning reading at the beach.