Will Palmer

I have been in the financial services industry for 14 years, focusing on helping families navigate the inevitable complexities associated with accumulated wealth. As in many areas in life, there are certain financial decisions that, if made without proper planning and thought, could be detrimental to a family. I take pride and get energized when my team and I are able to work with families to make informed, well thought out decisions that are going to solve a concern or achieve an objective.

During my time working with high net worth families, I have navigated through intense family dynamics and complex tax strategies with their tax professionals. I’ve assisted business owners in preparing for a transition, comforted family members when someone passes, and been with them through many more emotional and sensitive situations. Working with the families I am honored to serve is truly a blessing. Focusing on the Wealth of Everything, not just one concentrated part of a family’s makeup, enables the advisory team and family to work in coordination with each other to ensure all goals, objectives, and concerns are addressed and, most importantly, acted upon.

My tenure in the wealth division in banking over the last 14 years has prepared me to transition from an atmosphere that, while mostly effective, didn’t align with the way I feel families should be served. Transitioning to Coyle grants me the autonomy and flexibility to truly customize the needs of a family, while providing advisory level services focused solely on their best interests. The feeling of being able to serve families without the underlying proprietary products and services pushed by the bank is euphoric and empowering. Being able to facilitate various family needs in non-biased way is fulfilling.

I graduated from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA with a BS in Business Administration. I have been with my amazing wife for 21 years, married for 17. We have three children, one of whom joined Our Father in 2007, and a two-year-old Goldendoodle. When we aren’t busy with the various activities with the kids, we enjoy going to the beach, playing golf, and spending as much time outdoors as possible.