The Wealth of Everything

The Wealth of Everything is about everything related to your money. Although this is very broad, it means different things to each of us. In many surveys you’ve responded your key concerns are managing money along with preserving, passing on and protecting your wealth. It's about continually addressing, reviewing, organizing, facilitating and managing your money, on your terms.

All of this is accomplished by executing on your most important initiatives in a timely manner while ensuring the complexity of your wealth is simplified. Your goals, values, and key concerns are the focus of delivering wealth management services.

How is the Wealth of Everything defined?

The Wealth of Everything is defined by the following equation:

WoE = IC + RP + DS

Yes, yes – we know. For all the non-science majors who first eye this complicated formula, it seems suspiciously like algebra or “inside baseball.”

Actually it’s quite simple. Wealth of Everything (WoE) – when properly done – requires three things: Investment Consulting (IC), Relationship Partnership (RP) and Deep Support (DS).

Leave any of these components out and results may be significantly diminished.

You need the whole equation to achieve the sanctuary associated with comprehensive wealth management and all of its tangible as well as intangible benefits.

Of important note, only about 6.6% of the 2,094 top financial advisors surveyed in the United States actually provide wealth management services as defined here. The vast majority of advisors leave out one or more components of this equation, thus providing only a mere shadow of true wealth management. In fact, according to research from CEG Worldwide, four out of five successful families — defined as those with over one million dollars of investible assets — are actively seeking another advisor. Certainly, this majority has a persistent feeling that something is missing, even if they aren’t able to identify it. They’re seeking the refuge that only comprehensive wealth management can provide.

You want a team to collaborate around these concerns and provide creative financial, tax and estate strategies to address your individual goals, issues and concerns. All this is accomplished with a contact relationship management system to simplify your complex life. The motto is, "Be quick, but don't hurry."